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1 Peter: Stand Fast

After a two-month break, Pastors Rick and Svea jump into a new season of Church Is Messy. This week Autumn Ridge started a new message series on the book of 1 Peter. R...

Regifting: Your Questions Answered

In this episode of Church Is Messy, Rick and Svea discuss listener questions from the Regifting series.

Regifting: Shields Down

Svea and Rick have a vulnerable conversation about vulnerability.

Regifting: Heart of the Matter

This week on Church Is Messy, we look at the conversation between Jesus and the woman at the well and how Jesus challenges us to move toward the messes and evaluate ho...

Regifting: Good Grief

Rick and Svea discuss grief and the interplay of emotional maturity and spiritual health.

Regifting: Into the Borderlands

In this week's episode Pastor Rick and Pastor Svea explore the freedom found in limits

Christian Nationalism

Rick and Svea discuss Christian Nationalism in this episode of Church Is Messy.

The Nicene Creed

Rick and Svea answer questions they've received about some of the theology of the Nicene Creed.

Sacred Series 2022: Doubt and Deconstruction

Doubt and deconstruction are often thought of as bad words. Are they better thought of as powerful tools God can use to strengthen our foundation of trust and faith in...

Sacred Series 2022: Orthodoxy

Today we're exploring orthodoxy and unity in the church, some controversial theological topics, tools for maintaining unity, and why Rick is the way he is.

Uncensored: Further Discussion of Biblical Sexuality

Based on our recent message called "Uncensored" this episode takes a further look at the nuances of acceptance vs approval.

Being a Church of All Cultures

Listen in on a discussion between pastors Otis Hall, Rick Henderson, and Svea Merry as they discuss what it means to be a church of all cultures.

_____ Bless the USA

From Pastor Rick's Independence Weekend message: Is the USA a Christian nation? Was it ever a Christian nation?

Look Up: The Revenant

Is God the authority or is he an accessory in your life?

Father's Day 2022

A father’s responsibility is to ENCOURAGE, COMFORT, and URGE his kids toward/in faith.

Look Up: Seesaw

Rick and Svea discuss the story of Rahab and how when the city of Jericho was "melting with fear" she chose to trust God and look up.

Look Up: Burnout

Looking at the story of Elijah in 1 Kings, Rick and Svea discuss how God brings refreshment to a man utterly spent.

Church IS Messy

Rick Henderson and Svea Merry have a very candid conversation about the real messiness of scandal rocking our own church and the scandals rocking churches as a whole.

Neighboring (Part 2): A Wee Little Man

Executive Pastor Otis Hall joins Rick and Svea as we continue our conversation on Neighboring.

Neighboring (Part 1): The Ok-est Commandment

We kick off our new message series titled Neighboring.

Easter - Was Jesus' Resurrection a Real Event?

Was Jesus' resurrection a real, historical event? Pastor Rick dives deep into the Easter message.

The Great Divide (Part 5): Facing Hell

If God is all about hope, redemption, and forgiveness, then why does Hell exist?

The Great Divide (Part 4): For Goodness Sake

In our most recent message, Rick asked, "Can we be moral and do good without God?" On today's episode, we dive deeper into that debate.

The Great Divide (Part 3): Can We Trust the Bible

How do we know that the Bible is trustworthy?

The Great Divide (Part 2): Reconciling God and Suffering

If God is so loving and good, why does he allow us to experience pain and suffering?

The Great Divide (Part 1): Dealing with Doubt

Is it okay to have doubts when it comes to Jesus?


Church is Messy with Rick Henderson is a brand new podcast launching on March 30. Each week, we will bring the message of the Gospel into the everyday messes of life.

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