Welcome to Church is Messy with Rick Henderson. In each episode, we will examine and discuss some of the complex, challenging, and often messy topics associated with Christianity, The Bible, faith, and church.

Whether you are curious, skeptical, or unsure about Jesus, new to church, or a longtime follower of Jesus, this podcast is designed to bring the message of The Gospel to the everyday messes of life. 

Latest Episodes

1 Peter: Shepherds and Sheep

In this final episode discussing the 1 Peter series, Rick and Svea answer a number of question from their congregation. Topics include dealing with leadership in churc...

1 Peter: Check Your Attitude

Rick and Svea discuss practical ways to live out Peter's words of encouragement in 1 Peter chapter 4.

1 Peter: Warrior, Secret Agent, or Ambassador

Rick and Svea continue their discussion on 1 Peter chapter 3.

1 Peter: Bring It Home

Rick and Svea discuss 1 Peter chapter 3 and how it helps us follow Jesus. Our identity, thoughts, and actions can all be shaped by this incredible passage. 

(Bonus) 1 Peter: Landmines Part 2

(Bonus Episode) Rick and Svea further discuss 1 Peter chapter 2 and elaborate on several important concepts from the last episode.

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