Welcome to Church is Messy with Rick Henderson. In each episode, we will examine and discuss some of the complex, challenging, and often messy topics associated with Christianity, The Bible, faith, and church.

Whether you are curious, skeptical, or unsure about Jesus, new to church, or a longtime follower of Jesus, this podcast is designed to bring the message of The Gospel to the everyday messes of life. 

New episodes drop every Wednesday starting March 30 on your favorite listening platform!

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Latest Episodes

Regifting: Your Questions Answered

In this episode of Church Is Messy, Rick and Svea discuss listener questions from the Regifting series.

Regifting: Shields Down

Svea and Rick have a vulnerable conversation about vulnerability.

Regifting: Heart of the Matter

This week on Church Is Messy, we look at the conversation between Jesus and the woman at the well and how Jesus challenges us to move toward the messes and evaluate ho...

Regifting: Good Grief

Rick and Svea discuss grief and the interplay of emotional maturity and spiritual health.

Regifting: Into the Borderlands

In this week's episode Pastor Rick and Pastor Svea explore the freedom found in limits

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